Journeyman On-line Training Courses

Journeyman On-Line Training Courses

IBEW Local 99 JATC Education and Training Facility is offering to its members Journeyman Level Electrical Training courses online. These courses are Continuing Education Courses (CET) that take advantage of an online learning approach.

Credits earned thru this program can be matriculated toward an associate’s or bachelorettes degree.

Before you start you will need a computer that runs Windows with a browser that can connect to the Internet, or stop by the JATC computer lab. Several courses include a textbook that is provided as part of the registration cost. 

To register for a course Go to and select “Blended Learning”;  “Launch” then “Register”;  complete the security box and continue

Choose the IBEW Local 99, Providence , RI under the training location window;

Next , enter this password:   IBEW-NECA   and then follow the instructions.

Your request will be sent electronically to the JATC chosen and course request either accepted or denied by the Director or Assistant Director.

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Online CET Courses

Continuing Education Training (CET) courses are designed to be used as both an introduction of the topic and advanced content for the experienced electrical installer.  CET courses cover content theory and the latest concepts, including installation practices for both electrical construction and maintenance purposes.  These courses cover all the chapters using a full size textbook. 

The course includes a textbook that contains color illustrations/photographs throughout along with detailed current topic information, unless otherwise specified.

The length of time for the course will vary.  Some courses require classroom & lab sessions (contact the Training Director for additional details).  These are full length courses, therefore plan to schedule a significant amount of hours to complete the course successfully.  The courses can also be delivered as a self-study course for distance learning purposes. 

In either approach, the on-line LMS (Learning Management System) maintains all the scores and the activity of the learner for the JATC instructor to monitor and if necessary as required provide assistance.

In the interest of providing appropriate lab time and instructors there will be a minimum number of students before  we will be able to run a course section.

The following list is just the start of the available CET courses.  

Contact the IBEW 99 JATC Educational and Training Facility for class offerings.

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The Building Automation: Control Devices and Applications course focuses on the devices that monitor and control building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security systems.  This course covers the operation, signaling, and functions of the common sensors, actuators, and other control devices used in building automation systems for commercial buildings.  $75


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The Building Automation: System Integration with Open Protocols course introduces the concepts of intelligent devices, automated control, and network communication utilizing open protocols.  The two primary protocols for wired networks, LonWorks and BACnet, are described in detail.  Prerequisite: Building Automation-1  $75


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The Conduit Bending and Fabrication course provides a comprehensive overview of conduit bending, fabrication procedures and methods.  Topics include hand bending tools, conduit layout, kicks, offsets, saddles, advanced bending techniques, mechanical & electrical benders, hydraulic benders, threading, conduit types, and underground conduit installations. $77


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Designed by Etcetera Edutainment (EE) and enhanced by the NJATC, the simulator is designed to teach the core electrical safety concepts of NFPA 70E 2009. The Electrical Safety Simulator leverages the power of game-based learning to engage learners in the material, motivating the learner to complete a series of lessons followed by task-based scenarios that challenge the learner to demonstrate their mastery of the content in a real-world context.  $149


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The Electrical Systems Based on the 2011 NEC course includes an overview of the NEC, wiring methods and materials, conductors and overcurrent protective devices, branch circuits and feeders, grounding, transformers, services, special locations, and calculations.  The course also includes procedures covering all aspects of applying the Code when designing electrical systems. $69


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The Motors course begins with a thorough discussion of magnets, magnetism, and electromagnetism, and how they apply to motor operation.  The course includes the latest information on the operation of many types of motors; reading and understanding motor nameplates; braking and starting; adjustable-speed drives; bearings, drive systems & clutches; and, motor alignment. $80


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The Photovoltaic Systems course is a guide to design, installation, and evaluation of residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems.  This course covers the principles of PV and how to effectively incorporate PV systems into stand-alone or interconnected electrical systems. $85


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The training module provides a “Virtual Hands-On” environment. The module allows the learner to interact in a series of scenarios in a first-person environment. The scenario-based work orders present the learner with a problem to resolve. Through the resolution of these problems, the learner will gain a greater understanding of the instruments used in test and measurements and a finer understanding of electrical installations. $55, Textbook Not Included


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The Test Instruments course begins by introducing safety requirements for using test instruments.  The course proceeds into the specific applications for industry standard test instruments.  An overview of measurement principles and test instrument procedures are covered along with an explanation of personal protective equipment as specified in NFPA 70E. $66


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The Transformer: Principles and Applications course provides a comprehensive overview of transformer operation, maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting.  Additional topics include effects of harmonics; power quality using reactors and transformers; autotransformers; buck-boost transformers; and, other special transformers. $78

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