Local 99 Earl J. Curtin Scholarship Program

Listed below are requirements:

  • Scholarship applies only to 2014 High School graduates applying for Freshman class.
  • Student must be accepted in a four (4) year accredited college program.
  • Applicant's parent must be a member in good standing for five (5) years as of June 1, 2014.
  • Parent must remain a member in good standing throughout the scholarship period.
  • Upon proof of tuition, a certified letter from Registrar's office, you will receive your semester payment.

How drawing will take place:

  1. The winner will be determined by a lottery type drawing.
  2. A number will be assigned to each applicant as the applications are received.  This number will be used at the August 25th Local Union Meeting to determine the winner.
  3. There will be two (2) numbers drawn at this meeting.
  4. The first number will determine the winner.
  5. The second number will be an alternate who will take over in the event of the winner dropping out of the program with the four year period.