Benefits for the Customer


When a customer hires a Union Contractor, they are hiring the best trained workforce through that contractor.  The Union team will spend an initial 5 years in school and 5 years on the job training.   They will then continue on a regular basis to update and hone their skill and participate in mandatory continuing education.


It is a statistical fact that union teams work safer.  This translates into lower insurance costs for the Contractor which means greater value to the Customer.  Safety also means our team is far less likely to be injured on your property or cause injury to you or your team. The Union and Management Safety Committee meet monthly to assure our men and women are receiving the absolute latest and best information about all safety concerns.  With continual training and seminars offered by the Union, our team simply works safer than the typical open shop.


A more productive workforce means a better value for the customer. Many statistical studies have been done that have proved that Union workers are 17% more productive than the non-union. This again is not a mystery as to why, the union workers spend more time in school, more on the job training and the programs are designed and implemented by a cooperative committee of Labor and Management.  Our team also knows, if they do not live up to the expectations of the project, they risk losing their employment with your firm.

Code of Excellence

The Code of Excellence (COE) is a mandatory contract between the union members, the contractor, the customer and the union itself.  The COE is the gold standard of how we expect our team members to perform.  As a customer, productivity may not be your concern whereas the contractor offered you a hard price however if his crew shows up in profane t-shirts, smokes outside your main entrance, are under the influence of drugs or posses just a poor attitude, then you as the customer have really been treated unfairly.  With the COE, all of these issues in addition to safety, productivity, morale, health of the company, are demanded of every employee and failure is not an option.  We as part of the IBEW team see your project as our next job interview, and we plan on excelling on our interview.