Benefits for the Worker


As a member of Local 99, you will be expected to work in a safe and workmanlike manner.  You will also enjoy working for a contractor who takes your health and safety seriously and demands compliance to all local and national safety policies.  You will have the benefit of a cooperative committee of Labor and Management that meet regularly to discuss safety concerns, address member concerns and reach conclusions to keep every single member out of harm’s way every single day.


As a member of Local 99 you will be referred out as jobs are available to Local contractors.  You will not have to sift the newspaper ads or knock on doors; our contractors come to the Union hall looking to hire you. You have the ability to work for a single contractor for your entire career if you choose or you can return to the hall to choose a new contractor when you feel the time is right for you.  


It does not matter if you join as an entry level apprentice, or as a Journeyman Wireman, you will have access to all the cutting edge training available in our industry.  Solar, Photovoltaic, Instrumentation, OSHA 15/30/Maritime 30, Crane and digger training are just a sampling of training that is offered to Journeymen.  Apprentices will be trained for 5 years free of charge to them, with exception to book purchases. This is an education that costs $80-$100K in the outside world. Most of our Journeyman training is also free of charge.

Wages and Benefits

In Local 99 your wages and benefits will be second to none.  This is not a freebie; it is what you will earn.  Local 99 electricians are the highest skilled, most productive and safest workers in the industry.  It is certainly logical that if you are the best in the business, you will earn a wage and benefit package that is reflective of that.  Wages and benefits are negotiated Union wide basis so you will never have to argue when you want a raise or benefit increase.  You will have a vote on every change to the contract at any time.  The Union membership as a whole, yourself included, votes as to how wage increases will be applied in the contract.  Your employer of course can always pay you more than the contract minimum if they choose.


Unlike public unions, you are not guaranteed a job in our world just for having the good fortune of being a member of our Union.  Your employment will depend greatly on your performance and skills.  Of course every worker in the country is subject to loss of a job due to a poor economy but barring that, you are the master of your own destiny.  After you are trained, if you apply yourself well you can have the ability to maintain desirable employment with an ever increasing wage and benefit package for your entire career.  Just like the rest of the world, we cannot guarantee you steady employment per se’; however we can assure you we will do everything in our power to help you maintain employment through education and training. We will also be there to make sure the contractor lives up to their side of the contract, much like we will be there to make sure you do also.