Frequently Asked Questions

You can start bidding on calls anytime after 5:00 pm until 6:59 am the next day. Also please make sure we have all your updated license information. You will not be able to bid on a call if we do not have an Osha 10, Code of Excellence or JW License on file. Also we may have an expired JW License on file. 

We only accept checks, money orders, or credit cards. If you use a credit card there will be a $4.00 convenience charge. We DO NOT accept cash. 

If you are getting an error when making a payment online, please double check that you filled out all fields, including a phone number. Also do not put  any special characters in the address fields, such as / \. 

In order to login to pay dues or resign, you must login to member services. It is located to the left of our website, with a login underneath, Simply click login and you will be brought to a blue and white page. There you will put your username and password. If you do not know your information please give us a call at 401-946-9900. 

Dues can be paid at the union hall, by first class mail with a stamped returned envelope included in order for your dues receipt to be mailed back, online through our website on member services. 

There are many ways to resign. You can email (, online through our website on member services, fax (401)-946-9907, phone (401)-946-9900 using extension, 223 (Diana), 233 (Jackie) or 243 (Meredith), first class mail (must be postmarked by the 16th of the month), or in person at the union hall using the kiosk or going upstairs. 

Resign is the 10th through the 16th of every month.