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Brothers and Sisters,

Local Union 99 has formed a Scholarship Committee. There are five members. The Officers include Recording Chairman Stephen Brady, Business Manager Michael Daley, President James Jackson, Daniel Angell and Christopher Capozzi.
The Committees’ task is easy, help members interested in attending a post-secondary school with some tuition relief. Of course in the beginning there’s not a lot of money. In fact currently only 1/3 of those working are participating members. Part of the reason for this is that they may have started working before the foundation was formed.

So we are asking all members to consider joining the Scholarship Program by making a charitable contribution for each hour worked.

Our goal is to have all members participating by next year and to open this program to them and their dependent children, but we need your help.

NOW!  If you’re currently a participating member and you are attending classes at the post- secondary level, stop by the office and pick up a scholarship application form.

We won’t be able to pay for the entire course but speaking from experience, every little bit helps.

So let’s make sure when you get your referral, you sign the Scholarship portion of your form. Contribution forms and eligibility forms are available at the business office.

Members participating in ILSR / CCRI classes should fill out application forms for reimbursement.

If you are Unemployed, you could possibly be eligible to take college classes for free. Check with the Bursars office of the college for more information.

Negotiating Committee

This committee consists of the representatives from both the Union and Management who negotiate and review contracts in the Local.

Minority Caucus

This committee is established to discuss and act on the specific concerns and needs from the minority portion of our membership.

LMC Committee

 IB Image                                   IB Image

Rhode Island Labor-Management Cooperative Committee is a panel comprised of members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 99 and members of the Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association.  The sole purpose of this committee is to promote sustainable, harmonious relations between management and labor in the complex world of electrical construction.  With this commitment, the committee actively works towards our common goals of advancing our trade in the areas of:  customer satisfaction, safety, craftsmanship, renewable energy, healthy working partnerships and community service. The commitment to these goals rely proudly on our unyielding foundation, which is our Institute of Higher Education known as the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.


Brotherhood Fund

The purpose of this committee is to raise funds to support our brothers and sisters in need.  Specifically, if a member is ill, the committee with offer the member a donation to help them through a rough patch.

Brotherhood Fund Commitee members:

Nicole Kent / Chair
Business Manager Joe Walsh
Eric Wineman 


Local 99 Safety Committee

This committee meets to discuss all safety issues from strictly a labor perspective.  The committee will submit reports to the Joint Safety committee and vice versa.

2020 Solidarity Ride Sponsers


Hero Sponsor ($1,000 on up)

IBEW Local 99

IBEW Local 2323

Platinum Sponsor ($750-$999)

Gold Sponsor ($500-$749)

IBEW Local 1249

Providence RI Federated Council

Roofers Union Local 33

Mass Electric Construction Co.

IBEW Local 103

Silver Sponsor ($126-$499)

Rhode Island Building & Construction Trades Council

IBEW Local 2222

Nolin Electric Inc.

IBEW Local 2325

International Union of Elevator Constructors- Local 39

E.W. Audet & Sons, Inc.

UA Local 51

Synet Inc.

Moulison Heavy Electrical

RI Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals

Local 3 Motorcycle Club

RI Laborers’ District Council

IBEW Local 827

IBEW Local 90

K Electric

IBEW Local 223

Wayne Tait & Pam Leary

Ray & Bianca Kane

Joe Simons

Wyman & Sons Electric

Build RI

Bronze Sponsor ($125)

Heat & Frost Insulators Local 6

Millwrights Local Union 1121

Ironworkers Local 37

IBEW Local 455

Ocean State Vending

Reel New England

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